A sloper is a basic block used to develop new patterns. It is like a blank canvas that can be altered to create new designs. Since patternmaking is one of the most difficult tasks in the fashion industry, our goal is to provide for you the right materials so you only have to focus on the best part: the creative process. We will take care of giving you trendy patterns and complete instructions to construct your future garments. Sloper Collection  is for you, so you can renew your wardrobe in a sustainable and fun way.

Clara, the founder Sloper Collection
Clara, the founder Sloper Collection

The Founder

Hi, I’m Clara, and I’m glad you are here. I’m a blogger and fashion designer. My fashion journey began in 2012, when I launched my blog Fashion Riot. On this platform, I helped many people develop their creativity and even inspired them to start their small businesses.


I enjoy expressing my sense of style, bringing beauty into this world through my ideas, and contributing to the creative community. I love making new garments and accessories, but my real passion is to teach others how to make their own. I want to inspire people to express themselves and their creativity. I believe this is vital for personal growth. Through my patterns, people can customize their clothes to be something uniquely theirs. Who doesn’t like to say “I made this” when receiving a compliment on their outfits? I hope to inspire sewers worldwide to renew wardrobes in a fun, sustainable way. I hope to bring out the designer in you.